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This website will no longer be the website for info from the Kansas Region IV EMS council. However I plan to keep the site as a resource for all attendants in the state. Please email me with any ideas or suggestions.

What’s New

Important CPR/BSI info

Staying out of legal trouble

CEU Opportunities

BEM’s proposal to change to Six Regions

State Fire Marshall may be Proposing to take back the .25 percent of Fire Insurance tax that BEM’s receives(About 75% of BEM’s operating Budget comes from this)

New stroke study concerning Mag-Sulfate

Response times Is 8 minutes still valid?

What should your EMS QI program measure?

Our Mission

The Council will develop and assist in implementing a system plan and design for Kansas Emergency Services Region IV for the purpose of:

Providing for periodic, comprehensive, and independent review and evaluation of the extent and quality of the emergency health care services provided in the Council’s service area.

Providing for appropriate EMS training and continuing education.

Being organized in a manner that provides persons who reside in the Council’s service area and who have no health professional training or financial interest in the provision of health care with an adequate opportunity to participate in the making of policy for the EMS Council.

Providing programs of public education and information in the Council’s service area to educate immediately on the means of obtaining emergency medical services(EMS). Furthermore, such programs stress the general dissemination of information regarding appropriate methods of medical self-help and first aid training programs in the area.


The purpose of the Council is to provide for an emergency medical services system that will meet the present and future needs of the citizens of the Region in a coordinated and efficient manner.

What the Region does for you

The region is responsible for the operation of test sites as well as being your voice on EMS issues to BEMS. We are currently revamping the way we do things here at Region IV so that we may serve you better. If you have any comments, complaints, or suggestions please let us know. Remember we are in this together and the ultimate goal is to save lives and go home to our families at the end of shift.

Region 4 EMS would like to thank all the companies who support us. We owe a lot to the companies who have helped us out. Here are a few of the main supporters:

  • Red Cross – They help out with disaster services not only in Region 4 but all over the world as well.
  • Shipping Container Pros – They supply shipping containers to relief efforts throughout the US.

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7600 Mackey Overland Park, KS 66204


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